Georgian mining company offer natural Tedzami zeolite deposit from Georgia. Mineral is faction from 0 to 40 mm to wish customer, contained in bag to 50 kg, or in carriage. Delivery from the Black Sea port Poti. The price $ 38 for one ton.

What is zeolite

    Zeolite is a volcanic-sedimentary origin zeolite contains tuff, which basic mineral is clinoptilolite. It differs highly molecular-sieve pore structure, has unique qualities adsorbing ion-exchange faculty, can selectively allocate and absorb various substances.

    Natural zeolite is applied to drying gases and liquids, for clearing exhaust industrial gases the enterprise from acid components (CO2, SO2 and others), as the catalyst, as a bleach for manufacture of a paper and rubber. The high mechanical durability absorbing and ion exchanging ability defines his application for clearing waste and potable water.
    Zeolite is applied as the additive in a forage to a fearhery, to cattle it improves assimilation forages and protects it from a moisture, accelerates growth of animals. In cattle-breeding and poultry farms zeolite is applied to elimination of a specific smell. Addition of zeolite in manure quality of organic fertilizer sharply grows.
    Effectively to apply zeolite in fish culture it cleans water of ions ammonium, that favorably influences on development of fishes, sharply reduces death of fishes.
    Zeolite improves structure of ground, absorbs ions of ammonium and kalium, keeps a moisture, protects roots of plants from illnesses, is a source of micro cells. Zeolite together with herbicides, pesticides and fungicide is successfully applied.
    Addition of zeolite in mineral fertilizers sharply raise their quality It for a long time is not washed away from a ground and it protects subsoil waters from soiling, reduces need for fertilizers and it protects plants from superfluous quantity nitric and other fertilizer. After mixing with nitrate of ammonium zeolite protects it from explosion.
    Zeolite also can be used in manufacture of cement - it raises quality of cement.

Tedzami zeolite
    A deposit of zeolite which is in Georgia in Tedzami area is one of the best in the world - it differs the big contents of a mineral clinoptilolite which reaches 80 %.
    Useing of Tedzami zeolite has an old history - in the former USSR its consumers were factories making nitric fertilizers, one of them Rustavi (Georgia) a factory where it was used for sewage treatment from phenols and as the additive nitrate ammonium. In Russia zeolite was used in many filtering stations for clearing potable water. It was sent in a plenty to Japan for manufacture of a paper, and also its buyers were Lebanon and Egypt where it was used for improvement of structure of ground and preservation of a moisture in it After well-known failure in Chernobyl for clearing radio-activity to the infected district it has been sent more than 100 000 tn zeolite. From all known zeolites Tedzami zeolite had the biggest degree of absorption of radioactive elements Cs and Sr from all known.

Physical - technical properties of Tedzami zeolite
Composition of a mineral clinoptilolite in weight percent -- 80 %

Chemical composition in weight percent:
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